13 July 2014


The kids are getting bigger,
and after the short July 4th bike ride,
I realized it was time they move on to big boy bikes.
Jaxon was easy,
he'll fit onto one of my 3 now vintage mountain bikes.
Jakob was a little trickier.
After a critical mass bike ride last summer,
we found a small mtb frame/fork on eBay.
Perfect fit and decent quality.
Then in December,
a friend Matt moved to Maine,
and I scored his old salty bike.
A weird South American brand Calois aluminum frame,
 with all deore XT parts.
It was a tough decision to tear it apart.
 That was until it sat for 7 months unridden.
We tore into it,
and in 4 hours had the new jake-mobile.
Cool to have his help swapping the parts.
He even shortened the bars to fit.
Am I teaching him to never buy anything new?
In typical PB&S fashion,
we did finish to the single light bulb.
Their first ride up to the Point was flawless,
and they realized they could go 9 miles in an hour,
not an all day cruise.
Stay tuned as the donor will become a super-light single-speed.

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