14 July 2014

a wonderful thing

So you remember how we went to see that Bob Weir show at Humphries  last week?
Well we got there a bit late,
and come to find out 
missed the mini-migration of moochers.
The kids and I returned from a wet boat ride,
and the beach was packed.
There were seriously 20+ kayaks and sevylor inflatables jostling for position on a super-moon high tide.
This creation took the cake.
We had watched them dismantle the beast last time.
Powered by two electric motors,
complete with a pee station.
Not too much attention to weight savings!
Over the years this party barge has evolved,
from 100's of plastic coke bottles to this.
We were on the exact opposite time schedule,
missing Ringo Starr and his All-Star Band.
Yesterday I'm sure these guys hooked it up for Steely Dan.
Good times!!

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