09 July 2014

Police Caps

What's better then a trip to the junkyard on a 90 degree day?
Ken rallied out to procure parts for his multiple projects.
I couldn't pass up the opportunity,
although there isn't really anything needed right now.
Fun to see the methods of mechanical desperation.
Perfect uses of driveshafts and seat belts... 
Figure some guy with a bag of limited tools,
trying to scrounge up parts to fix or flip,
while baking in the hot sun.
Surprised this big block was still there.
Ken scrounged hard and got way more then this pic suggests.
The SUV was packed when we left.
My score was the elusive set of mini police caps.
There's usually only one lying around,
not the complete set of 4.
More importantly I gathered the special stepped lug nuts.
Of course using the shortest and sharpest ended lug wrench.
These high speed rims were also cool but so ugly...
Back home,
Jaxon and I rotated the wheels.
Now the wife's car looks even more like a  police cruiser!
Need to find a chromed front push bar...

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