30 June 2014

Silent Victory

What a weekend.
Absolutely nothing exciting was accomplished.
Didn't go to born free 6,
or the antique nationals.
Strangely enough it was one of the most relaxing weekends in over a year.
Last week our awesome neighbors decided to not only sell their house,
but also move away!
It became so normal to be on guard,
to be stalked whenever we'd go outside.
Who videos a kid skateboarding, weeding or working on a bike?
Who cusses at 12 year old kids?
The last straw may have been last month.
He did the lawn thing again.
I wrote a letter.
Instead of mailing it like last time,
I taped it to our fence.
I also taped it to his door.
Yeah maybe a dick move.
Thing is,
I mailed the last letter,
and they denied it.
So this time I wanted to make sure.
Well 45 minutes later the police arrived.
Two cop cars,
4 cops...
We can hear some ranting and raving.
I got all our paperwork ready to explain our situation.
20 minutes...maybe 25...
Cops leave.
Never knocked on the door!
After at least 8 police visits, 3 code enforcement inspections, 2 property management walk throughs, a complaint letter directly to our home owner, months of video surveillance, multiple threats of harassment suits...
I'm hoping their house sells,
but for now a vacant house is so peaceful!

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