10 July 2014

Controlled Delinquency

By chance I found out that Ratdog was playing down at Humphries,
a local concert venue.
Tickets were outrageously priced,
however this location is like the Cove at the San Francisco baseball stadium.
For years kayakers and little boaters have filled the waterway during shows.
A view and clean sound,
what more is needed!
We rigged up the inflatable just before show started,
missing a couple of the good first songs.
The kids were surprised to hear grateful dead tunes I've drilled into their heads. 
Of course after a while the novelty wore off,
but what can you expect during a 10 minute space jam!
The show was great.
I've seen Bob Weir play during the Dead days,
and back then he focused more on solo songs.
Why would he want to play the same GD tunes on his time off!
Now the band revolves around a dead-set,
and after 20 years since my last real dead show,
it was fun to hear.
After the show the kids we're let loose.
They had wanted to swim during the show,
but I had to play mean dad.
I may have gotten into a little trouble,
dropping off their friend at midnight!
Ahh well controlled delinquency...

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