03 July 2014

Mountain Water

My craigslist hunting goes in waves.
It's all luck,
no search apps teasing of missed deals.
Last Sunday this thing popped up.
Just so ya know,
As a seller it's not the best technique 
to post an ad at 9pm with your phone number!
What to do?
I texted with no reply,
figuring there were a dozen other scroungers bothering the poor guy.
The next morning after another text I lost hope,
Oh well.
Then after noon I got lucky and was the chosen one!
I did use a secret trick to seal the deal...
Original owner with the original box!
For 1979 this was in really good shape,
and even came with never installed rack mount handles.
A good excuse to peak at the inside.
Really clean,
the only issue a dent on the top case.
This Sansui au-719 is 90 watts per channel,
usually measuring to 110-120.
This is an integrated amp,
a connected preamp,
no tuner like a receiver.
They were known to cheese out on the construction,
no covers for the dual transformers,
and no mini shields for the boards,
compared to the earlier au-717.
Tested out great for a couple hours,
and now it's in rotation with he big Klipsch La Scala's.
More crispy goodness!
Almost too much for our little room!

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