28 May 2014

Hurtlocker Truck - grill time

Here's another custom trick on the Hurtlocker Truck,
that I better write about before we forget how much work was involved!
It all started with a 50's corvette grille insert,
as stock much too small.
No problem,
another bar was sent out.
Ken must have spent hours putting this thing together.
Time to take it apart!
The trick was to section together the longer halves,
adding two extra teeth.
This made measuring easy,
as there was no option for measurement,
other than keeping the curve.
The shorter sections were welded too.
Maybe we'll build a car around that later on.
The extra teeth had arrived,
but the attachment kit wasn't included.
Another order.
You'd think they were made of gold.
I'd love to have their plastic bag purchasing contract.
The fit was just right.
Next up was the bumper.
There had already been a massive amount of work on it.
One end was bent out,
so it was cut and rewelded to fit.
The Nash bumper guard was also sliced up to match.
The chromer went to town hammering out the dents.
We were lucky the arc didn't change enough to hit the fenders.
I can't believe its the original bumper.
Super bitchin.
A couple brackets were welded up to attach the insert.
An old right angle attachment saved the day.
I'm so used to those twist chucks.
There will still be a background insert,
maybe a dark mesh or something.
It'll help blend in all the pieces
Yeah the hood isn't connected,
so it's out of alignment.

Gonna be one tough truck!

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