08 May 2014

Cradle Robber Lives!

For the first time since 2003,
the Cradle Robber moved under it's own power.
Made easier with the old coupe running gear,
Which had sat since before 1975!
The hold up had been the original updraft intake.
Years ago I had a running version of this,
so I knew a couple tricks.
My half-ass cleanup rebuild couldn't get this one going.
Leave it to internet friends to save the day.
This bitchin modified intake was donated from HAMB-er and IG-er I've known for years.
Thanks Jeff!
The intake seemed solid,
and the old torch work brightened up after a good cleaning.
The carb flange had a clean look,
making me wonder if it was an early kit.
Flat black own out over he shiny braze.
A beat Holley 1904 came with the package,
but it was easier to find a running replacement.
Someone had jb-welded an air cleaner on this one.
In no time the Intake bolted right up,
and the engine ran better than ever.
A simple accelerator linkage was modded,
and a choke cable added.
Crude but effective.
Exciting to drive it down the alley for the first time.
I made it into second gear,
good enough with these not quite brakes.
Crazy to see this after so many years lugging it around!

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