27 May 2014

Memorial Day Karma

After a good day tinkering on Ken's camaro,
we took a detour up to the Fort Rosecrans Cemetery.
Typically packed for Memorial Day,
a chance to remember fallen heroes.
Also a good reason to drive family heirlooms.
When leaving a couple was stranded in their 389 Pontiac,
her passed on Dad's car since new - 1962!
Of course I had just cleaned the 40,
so no jumper cables or tools.
They were just about to call AAA.
No way!
Fortunately Ken lives maybe a mile down,
not too far to grab some cables.
The fun thing about old cars,
Is they can block the street,
and it ends up being a perfect photo shoot.
Anyway they tried to slip some beer money,
but it wasn't about that.

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