12 May 2014

Crystal Geyser

One thing I can't stand are those individual plastic water bottles.
Even then it seems a case is dropped off as my Mom supplies her grand kids with convenience.
The kids are good at not blowing through them.
We actually drink a lot of tap water.
The best way to create a hobo stomach!
Gatorade or koolaid is yum in this hot weather,
and Macey was used to having the tasty treat in her lunch.
Dang we went to the local market and a 6-pack was almost $5!
The kids are used to living a frugal lifestyle,
living cheap one way lets us splurge in others.
For $5 that koolaid powder should make a couple water bottle cases.
Now we have one more thing to do before school.
I'm hoping the bottle doesn't leak!
I did wrap some tape around the top...

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