01 June 2014

How to - stay at home

Right when ya think everything's good to go...
Part of me was trying to get the old girl ready for a road trip/hot rod event,
but the other part was looking for an excuse to not drive 800 miles and pay the couple hundred in gas,
although it woulda been a fun time.
Next year Neal!
Darkness was coming,
so figured I better get started.
Here it is...
How to change a ford 8 inch rear wheel seal in 5 easy pictures.
had gotten the bearing and the oil seal,
but they both looked and felt fine.
Better not lose that receipt!
Not so much the gaskets inbetween the backing plate and housing.
Maybe the leak was from the previous owners over zealous removal of the old oil seal.
What can you expect from a craigslist deal.
A little sandpaper and some gasket #2,
and hopefully that'll work.
The gasket was tricky as the cap doesnt slide off for an easy copy.
This was like archaeology,
reconstructing the missing bits and pieces like an old dinosaur bone.
Instead of making 4 gaskets for both sides,
I made the white template,
which will get lost whenever I get to the other side.
Getting some use out of that old gasket material Uncle Steve!
As usual finishing up with the single bulb.
I tried to get a 2nd light and it broke.
Why did I even try to fight it.
The work was made enjoyable with a kern valley IPA.
Thanks Chip!
Of course that meant no test drive.
Yeah, thanks Chip...

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  1. BobK.....had that happen in my garage.......back in the day (pre-kids)....on his way to Texas. Glad to see that you fixed it before a 'lock up'.