19 May 2014


You know the old saying,
one man's trash is another man's treasure.
Well that pertains to all kinds of good stuff,
obvious if you search on the FREE section of craigslist.
Now that the code enforcement scare had passed,
we wanted to fix up the yard a little.
Who knew that bricks were so desireable?
I've replied to many free brick ads,
some less than an hour old,
with no luck.
We hit the mother load by chance this weekend.
While Jaxon and I were loading,
he had about three other calls.
Next time I ask the kids,
"You wanna help get some bricks?"
they may disappear on me.
This was a chit ton.
The most I've loaded the van down - 3"!
What the heck,
we've got an e-350 may as well put it to the test.
It would have been smarter to unload all the tools and seats first though.
We were the guys going 45mph on the freeway.
Hey it was only 8 miles.
I'd rather be slow then stuck with a flat tire or worse.
Looks like the kids will have a summer project!

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