22 May 2014

Orange Monster

A couple years ago,
a friend Mike and I went to check out 
one of the most beat up 30 coupe bodies I'd ever seen.
The guy had a bitchin garage,
full of hot rod projects.
His stuff was all over the map,
a 40's pickup with a Mercedes AMG running gear,
another 30'coupe,
and other chit I don't remember.
One of the reasons I take pics.
Seemed like a cool guy,
and he was close enough 
that I could drop by and check on progress.
A couple weeks later,
he died of an accidental gun accident.
The details are way too crazy.
I wondered what happened to his stash.
Well fast forward to now.
I meet this guy trying to walk his dogs.
He says,"I gotta 40 just like that!"
"Yeah, right", I'm thinking,
probably a Plymouth or old Volvo.
As his story unfolds,
I realize he bought some of the dead guys cars!
An orange 1940 ford 4 door sedan,
big block chevy with a 5 speed wedged in.
Fenderwell headers, 9" rear, black tuck'n'roll...
A real 60's sleeper.
The perfect family wagon.
I was expecting to see a street rod,
but this was way more bad ass.
I'll get some front shots once he gets it running.
Cool car, bummer story!

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