23 March 2013

love & hate

The rusty "tres huevos" 40 project has been languishing on the side of the garage.
That cheapy tarp port was one of the best investments,
as this thing has been totally dry in the past rains.
I had even sanded the grey coat down to some bare metal,
and the steel was still shiny.

With the green 40 so close to leaving the garage,
there are a couple dirty things I'd like to do before the swap.

The other day I was in the mood to sniff some epoxy fumes,
and I had an idea of mixing the grey and red primer's.
Wouldn't you know it the color is the perfect base for the planned patina finish...
red + grey = poo brown

What did I say up there?
Bring up this word with a group of internet hot rodders and it's like throwing
a bloody steak into a school of sharks.
The big misunderstanding is that all cars need shiny paint,
which is dead wrong as some cars are just too rough to get it.
Like this one!
Plus who wants to fret over little kid scratches and nicks from use.
In the old days flames and pinstriping were the perfect way to hide wavy bodywork.
These days it's layers of fake paint wear.

Bob Marley & the Wailers - Simmer Down
This week a guy came to pick up this old transmission.
He wasn't too familiar with cars but his dad was.
They liked the green 40, 
really liked the 29 RPU,
but wholly mackerel when he saw the rusty 40 he almost cried.
"that's what a hot rod is supposed to look like!"
Hey I'm not gonna argue with the uneducated masses!
1940 ford coupe patina special

So after an hour of sanding the brown base was rolled on.
Dang talk about fumes!
Now it can cure for a couple days in the sun...
Stay tuned for more...


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