19 March 2013

mountains and mole hills

You guys are probably tired of the same front shot of the ford running gear,
so here's the tranny side of the 40 ford project.
To the trained eye,
a ton of little things have been done,
and I'm going to show you in way too extreme detail...
ford AOD tranny

Last time I left you the tranny cooler & fan were all clamped up.
A couple changes and the brackets were drilled and tapped.
stool time with macey james perich

These skateboards are the new work bench.
You'll see what I mean in future posts.
mores stool time with MJP

After a couple quick tweaks,
the brackets were shined up and painted.
Everything looks good in flat black.
tranny cooler + electric fan assembly - 1940 ford

This better fit as it was mocked in and out a half dozen times,
along with the actual radiator.
I could barely wait for the paint to dry.
tru-cool lpd-4707 transmission cooler

The local auto parts store can't put enough stickers
on these dang painted steel lines.
Besides that they are rarely straight.
Surprised they don't have a shipping tube for them.

Tip - I've found the best way to remove stickers is not with your fingernail,
unless you don't mind the nail ripping.
Fortunately there are 10 of them.
The glue residue comes off easily with some wd-40 and a rag.

I was even prepared with the big 3 special $8 tubing bender.
What a hunk of crap.
Long ago I had a similar one that worked half way decent,
but the tube slots were smooth not painted.
Regardless this thing was a waste of money for the 5/16" line.
worthless fuel & brake line bender

One thing that shouldn't be working still is this harbor freight flare kit.
I'm going to brag that I've never actually bought anything from harbor freight,
however I have bought used stuff that other people have bought from there!
This was supposed to be a one job tool,
and it has lasted through many many ends.
Funny cause I've got a nice one for metric that I've never used.
harbor freight's bulletproof double flare tool

After resorting to the tried and true hand bending method,
the transmission lines were completed in 2-piece sets.
If that cheeseball tubing bender hadn't ruined the 4th line,
I could have saved myself the trip to the parts store.
3 out of 4

The lines were routed down below the radiator,
than alongside the oil pan underneath the starter.
It was the most logical way.
I'm thinking of making some kind of belt guard,
just to protect the lines.
tranny cooler mounting

It would have been much easier going bosozoku style,
with the cooler in front of the bumper.
bosozoku transmission cooler
ripped pic - speedhunters

It was an easy choice not to as I can't afford those steel braided lines!
I did upgrade from a freebie hose-barb tube style cooler,
to a tru-cool stacked plate cooler with threaded inserts.
It's really tiny but is rated at 16000 BTU.
I'm hoping the hard line fittings will stop any pesky leaks.
line routing

While my hands were in the mood,
I decided to redo the fuel line as well.
Now it goes all the way to the old feeder line,
which is next to the transmission.
I'm betting the looseness of the length,
will be enough to not need rubber hose.
fuel line

There's only a few things to do to start the engine -
- oil, hot coil wire, cap radiator holes, coolant...
actually there are too many things to just rush through it.
lincoln AOD TV cable

So instead I pulled out one of the bigger obstacles.
This is the original Lincoln Throttle Valve (TV) cable
that came with the engine and transmission.
modified FORD TV cable

The housing was modified a little just to clean it up.
As you can see the length is basically perfect to the carburetor.
The tricky part is figuring out how to attach it and make it work!
ford AOD TV cable to carburetor

If you look closely,
there are two gold bolts on the intake.
The next project is making a bracket that attaches the line to those bolts.
Than the throttle needs to be modified to hold the cable end.
Many will think it is easier to use the Lokar TV cable,
but the Ford one is a really clean easy to adjust design.
It is worth the effort.
Cross your fingers for me!


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