02 March 2013

casket flag

Found this cool american flag at an estate sale the other day.
perich brothers and sister

I couldn't pass it up,
it was an early pre'59 version with 48 stars.
48 star 


Grateful Dead - Wave That Flag - 10 june 1973
a good tune
flag box

Right off the bat I knew it was a casket flag,
and was stashed in this trick little box.
It was too cheap to pass up.
secret spot

When I opened it up,
there were all these secret combos and keys.
Too bad there wasn't any money stashed in there!
valley forge U.S. flag

This probably hadn't been unfurled in a long time.
I'm sure it liked getting some air.
Bummer to think this was draped on a casket,
Maybe from the korean war or WWII eras?

Now to find that secret safe!


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