01 March 2013

boiling point

Finally took the pickup out for a spin.
Again it took a couple miles for the tires to get out of square.
chief - 1929 ford roadster pickup with hallock windshield

It was a warm day,
and I was racing around a bit more than usual.
Not good with no fan.
Usually I'm good at not rushing around just to get stuck at a light.

So this is a good reason why I kept the cast iron heads,
and not aluminum heads.
At least this shot was taken after I shut it off.
flathead boiling point

One tip -
if you ever get a flathead,
make sure you get 2 separate water temperature gauges,
as the block has separate right and left passages,
only mixed in the radiator.

I'll actually drive the car to these gauges.
Yeah they're cheapies but they work!


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