11 September 2014

.the shakedown

After a rollercoaster of a day,
the kids and I went out to burn some gas.
One of the benefits of Southern California,
starting summer fun on a September evening.
We all fit perfect in the little whaler.
Compared to the inflatables,
there was tons of room.
Funny the kids didn't like the seats.
Definitely not a stand up boat.
I'll probably weld up some kind of railing.
We shot around mission bay,
the kids comfortable with the tiller steer.
The 30 hp suzuki hauls butt,
even with the heavy hull and four of us.
Although it was fun to redline it,
the best part was the kids knew their comfort speed.
Good thing,
cause I pushed them out when we went to get the trailer.
Kinda like throwing them into a pool to learn to swim.
The perfect trailer landing!

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