18 September 2014

old home

When visiting Ventura,
I try to make it a point to drop by the old shop.
This was where the kids grew up,
and also where Chief was built.
Man the kids tore this place up.
Jaxon churned up a bunch of old memories,
like building a 13 foot high castle that they were scared to climb up.
I'd always thought of doing the plant thing,
much like I think of doing it here at the house.
I've realized I'm not the green thumb.
Too much watering.
It definitely softens up the place,
bet it's a great sound barrier too.
The old fence was still in place.
Made this to keep the kids and dog in the yard.
Inside totally different.
The landlord still the same,
expecting the tenant to do any repairs.
This was where I built the frames for a couple hot rods.
In the center there is a drain right to the main sewer pipe.
After grinding and welding,
I'd sweep and hose all the dust into the drain,
so the kids wouldn't be playing
in a hazmat site the next day.
Ventura has it's own water supply,
and at the time water rationing wasn't as heavy.
This is where the Red Dot roadster was built.
Lotsa fun happened here.
I always and still think this place is haunted,
there's a presence from years ago.
maybe when it was one of Ventura's first gas stations.
Anyway it has a good vibe to it now.

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