13 September 2014


This summer was great.
There was a sense of relaxation,
and the whole neighborhood felt it.
The kids were able to skate,
I got back into playing with little boats,
laying bricks,
chatting with neighbors.
We just had a fun time when we could.
No police,
no random video taping of our shenanigans.
This is of course my personal opinion,
but I'd bet the main reason for our long awaited happiness was a vacant neighboring house,
still lingering on the market.
A couple month staycation.
I shoulda known not to let our guard down.
Like clockwork we received our 4th or 5th code enforcement inspection warning.
In addition to the 8 or 9 police responses for noise and skating in the past year,
we've also had to deal with city inspectors and property management walk-throughs.
Each time amounting to nothing but a waste and unneeded stress.
This time around we met up with a Zoning Enforcement Officer - EV,
a step higher then the previous Code Enforcement Officer - TT.
It's a bit nerve-wracking,
As we aren't the most organized or cleanest,
but every thing in our yard has a story or reason.
After the first warning last year,
we are paranoid enough to know 
not to let it get too out of hand.
You wonder what he's looking at or for.
Thankfully EV was super cool.
He was here for one particular complaint,
an auto repair business with a junkyard.
He had seen the green 40 in front 
when he served the notice a couple days earlier.
Don't the bricks make it look cleaner!?
If anything each visit the yard is better not worse.
A little junk in the garage,
however one runs,
the other is plain cool.
Most importantly they aren't shelving units.
My new mess was from the whaler.
The engine swap made a bit of clutter,
which thankfully isn't auto repair,
and most importantly not a business.
It didn't take long for EV to understand our predicament.
He was amazed at all the paperwork I had compiled over the year.
Unlike previous inspections,
he had authority to close the case.
No need for supervisor approval after studying pictures,
then waiting a month for a decision.
What a relief.
Each time this happens I wonder if this is it,
time to move on.
That's renters life!
You'd think it was time to party,
let off some steam.
Well if that means laying another 5 rows of bricks...
Our home is safe til next time.

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