28 September 2014

Bug vs Caribou Season - v2

What could be a better deadline for boat work,
then the first day of lobster season.
Each time we've gone out,
the goal is to rush in before dark.
No lights,
no late night fun.
A $10 eBay score bow light,
and a section of the old mahogany seat was resurrected.
A little pad was roughed out.
Bummer was the internal light wires hidden in the hull were cut short. 
In typical night before form,
the brightwork wasn't too bright.
As long as it's sealed up for mounting,
I can make it pretty later on.
The first Epifanes can I cheaped out,
went with the smaller can not realizing how much I'd need.
At $30 a pint I shoulda got the $45 quart.
For the next supply I went online,
and found quarts for $29,
and $5 shipping after $50!
(SMS distributors)
Spend money to save money!
Now I need to find a project to use it on!
Don't worry I've got a couple in mind.
I rushed to rig the running lights,
and ran out of time to do a finished job.
Why didn't I start earlier!?
One thing I would change,
is adapting a 12 volt rechargeable tool battery,
then modify the drill base for an snap plug.
For half the price of this sealed battery,
I coulda scrounged a swap meet dewalt set up,
and it woulda been easier to recharge.
Next time...
The lights worked bitchin,
and it was relieving to be legal and safe.
We did have a different deadline then bug season.
The Pixies were playing at Humphreys on Shelter Island.
PIXIES - CARIBOU - San Diego Humphreys - 27 september 2014
Cool can always rely on youtube to get a close up view!!
We made it just in time.
They rocked out even with the new bassist.
After the show we cruised the harbor to check out the bug hunters.
Tons of boats out at 11pm.
The kids were able to pull start the suzuki dt30 engine,
and Jake did a slam dunk job getting the boat on the trailer,
to the surprise of many other boaters.
Anyway it was a fun time,
and a needed opportunity to clear the head!

PIXIES - Where is my mind - San Diego Humphreys - 27 september 2014
A great finale

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