23 September 2014


 Over the summer I stockpiled a few too many projects.
The house was becoming cluttered,
driving the wife to the brink.
I've slowly been purging the goods.
These bitchin empty Barzilay speaker cabinets recently left.
A friend had donated them to the cause,
and through their freeness,
I had justified filling them with the missing components.
The choice was scrapping a pair of $40 cheapy speakers for parts,
or finding era correct drivers costing $400+.
Way too much time spent researching woofers, tweeters and crossovers.
That is the problem with open ended projects,
they're energy suckers.
There's a point when the time adds up,
and momentum stalls.
Of course there's always a catch.
Now they're gone,
the stash corner is abnormally uncluttered,
and the wife says,
"Why do you always get rid of the stuff I like?"

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