07 November 2013

green flash

For Jakob's birthday we went down to Sunset Cliffs,
get the kids out in the elements and some fresh air.
perich brothers and sister - jaxon, jakob, macey - 2013

We went down to a spot that I used to venture around all the time,
and of course the tide was a little high to go for a beach trek.
cliff drummers

Instead we hiked around the cliffs,
and were drawn to these drummers that had set up in a canyon.
They were good enough to not detract from the surroundings!


Santana - Revelations - live chicago 1977

Here's the soundtrack to our following little adventure.
Starts out too mellow and goes wacky at the end!


We had fun,
but I realized how rare it was that we got away from our house, projects,
to just hang out at a place where many people would love to be.
Another thing I realized was the kids minimal understanding of the tide.
With the new Iphone I could have checked it instantly.
sunset cliffs panorama

So the next week before the time change we were sitting around,
almost close to 5,
and *click* we rallied up to get out of the house.
This time I had secretly checked the tide,
and knew the perfect spot for a quick getaway.
sunset cliffs panorama

The kids were a little grumpy and had no idea where we were headed.
Please not another trip to the hardware store!
This time we went down the sketchy stairway to the beach,
and had about an hour to cruise around.

Nowadays most people think the green flash is a beer company.
If you're from PL or OB than you know its the rare blip of color right after the sunset.
With the tide rising the kids were more aware of getting stuck on the beach.
Moving water always gives that sense of adventure.

The kids masterfully hopped the rocks and we made it too the stairway.
Luckily proved to the kids that nobody would take our shoes!


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