06 November 2013

Return of the Hurtlocker Truck

Man I've been lagging on writing up posts on here.
We'll go most recent first and see how far back I can remember.
Here's the return of the HURTLOCKER TRUCK!!
Hurtlocker Truck - 1955 Chevy w/corvette running gear

After 2 deployments,
Ken is back and good to get restarted on his truck project.
It's been a long haul,
and while it seems like the end is near,
there is a ton of stuff to do.
Guess that's what happens when you don't just throw stuff together!
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Fortunately the project was stored in a clean garage.
Not much has changed for the worse in the year or so it had been sitting.
chevy 350

It took and is still taking some time to get a master plan.
For now it is to start installing the box of mail order parts he had stashed.

It seems like for every $50 spent,
there is an hour of assembly issues.
Nothing has been an easy bolt-on with this thing!
Here's a good example,
the accelerator pedal had to be on the spot with the floor gussets.
insert face here

I'll use an excuse to not wear a dust mask,
like outside in the wind,
or holding my breath as long as possible,
but underneath a car in a garage,
it's nice to be able to breath.
I still don't see how some guys don't realize the junk they're breathing in.
It's nasty stuff.

This gave me a chance to clean up some of that nasty patch weld too.
Thinking about the pedal installation was harder than the actual install.
These companies try to come up with a one style fits all type application,
but it doesn't really work that way.
I'm betting this will need to be modified to be comfortable to drive.

A Lokar accelerator cable and a trans-dapt kickdown cable were used
to hook up the carburetor.
There are alot ot little parts and adapter brackets to hook up.
In my opinion the shine masks the one style fits all type engineering.
I'd still suggest modifying a TV cable for certain applications.
street rod chevy 350

While going through the pandora box of treasures,
the EZ wiring harness was found.
Holey chit...
holey chit - metal spaghetti

There's alot more going on than it appears.
First thing was to mount the fuse panel.

Grinding is always a good opportunity to let the subconscious kick in,
hoping a solution will pop up.

Interesting that a simple bracket isn't made to mount this panel.
Hopefully they won't read this and put guys like me out of work!
mail order engineering

I like this fuse box,
it is small and tight,
not huge and square like some of the other ones out there.

This was really the easy part.
There are door poppers, a push-button ignition,
and other accessories in addition to the deluxe wiring kit.
All these relays and brain boxes need a clean panel.
That's my homework!

Meanwhile Ken was hard at work redoing the seats.
Of course there are no clear pics.
They really are too perfect to work around!
radiator template

One of the more important (to me) things he did was make a radiator template.
Measurements were made and the radiator company designed a system,
but the measurements were just off enough that the time needed to make an
actual cardboard replica was well worth it.

Stay tuned - more to come!


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