18 November 2013

the christening

Still jammed up on the posting here.
For some reason its been hard to type!
Here's last week...
It's taken a while to get my priorities straight,
and the executive decision was made to pull out the old 40 project.
At this point I thought I'd have done some of the quiet projects,
windows, brake/fuel lines, maybe some wiring.
Instead the project stalled as the green 40 is on its way to road-worthiness.
chopped and sectioned 1940 ford coupe

The busier I am,
the more selfish I am with my free time.
This only briefly mentioned 30 coupe project was vying its way in the queue,
but I realized that the 40 deserves the attention.
1930 ford coupe project

Time to christen the revamped trailer,
and bring the old heap to the yard.

This would be the first time moving the trailer around after the hitch work.
Regardless of how sturdy it looked,
that first load is always a little sketchy,
as if the metal would somehow crumble away,
the driverless car careening down the road...
beater 1940 ford coupe

The tilt bed is awesome.
No need for ramps.
There is a need for a winch though.
Holey chit.

Thankfully there's a temporary way around that.
Strategic use of a chainfall was a bit slow,
but gave me the arm workout for the week.

Definitely more modifications will be needed besides the winch,
some pad-eyes and a good set of straps to start.
The 40 fit the trailer perfectly,
so much easier than that crazy flat-tow hitch.

After some jockeying around with the invisible 30 coupe project,
Tres Huevos was rolled into the stall.
Gracias Esteve y Tomas!
1940 ford coupe - chopped

There are a couple big welding fixes.
That hole in the hood is obvious,
and the crooked line-up of the rear fenders.
At the time I thought a hammer and bondo could take care of that problem.

Over the weekend I thought a ton of work would get done.
It did just not on the 40!
First things first - building an infrastructure.
I'm a little spread out on my welders,
and usually I'd prefer to TIG sheetmetal like this.
For now I can tack it with the big MIG.
Here's how Team Perich loads up...
Macey and Jaxon - perich brothers & sister

Who needs a truck right?
The removeable bench seats make it realistic.
delivery service

Now we're cookin'.
If I'm lucky this will be a different car by the end of the week...
1940 ford coupe - chopped, channeled & sectioned


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