23 November 2013

priority balls

I've had these red morse control balls lying around forever.
They were originally destined for the shifter balls in the 40,
or replacements for chief.
morse control balls

However there is something a bit more of a priority.
The dipsticks for the 40 were the last throwback to its 90's heritage.
ford dipstick

A quick cut-n-paste and the balls now serve a better purpose.
perich brothers and sister mods

Isn't that the icing on the cake?
Much better than those goofy hooks.
ford in a ford - SBF in a 1940 coupe

Here's the change-up.
I grabbed these smiley face balls from the kids stash.
Jakob - 2013 - smiley face

They're hollow so still need some modifications,
but they do lighten up the engine bay.
moonshiner SBF

Always got my priorities straight!


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