13 December 2010

v8-60 running stand

Decided to get the kids out of the house this past saturday.
I had a small side project that was perfect to get their hands dirty.

grease moneys

This little ford v8-60 engine and its tranny have been sitting on the shop floor for weeks.
Long enough that its become normal to walk around them.
(I think this was my 3rd post on this thing)
Although I have enough projects right now,
it would be nice to see if this thing actually runs.
I've got a '27 roadster body that would be a fun cruiser.


It didn't take long for the kids to get into it.
They actually welded the wheels on the frame,
with a little help.
Bummer I didn't take any pics.


We didn't finish it but at least its a roller and can be moved around.
It was good to see them having fun getting dirty making something.
Now to figure out some wiring, fuel and radiator...


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