06 December 2010

chief - bbq's and towel racks

The last Stool Time I showed a pic of chief's new seat.
Here's a better shot.
chief's butt grill

This was the easy part,
a simple bent tube frame with expanded metal.

I spent days trying to figure out what to do for this part.
The problem is the batteries are underneath the seat,
so it needs to be hinged or removeable.


On friday an idea popped into my head,
so after making a couple cardboard templates,
the grinding session could begin.

assembly line

My tools are the equivalent to the guy with a chainsaw carving bears and tiki's.
A torch and grinder is all you really need,
okay and a bunch of different discs - flapper, sanding, grinding, cutting...
so 2 grinders make it alot easier.

towel racks?

Each piece had to be the same so the seat wouldn't bind.
Than the pieces were fitted to the scrap tubing they would be attached to later.
Who is the guy that designs towel racks?
It really got me thinking.

flying chicken

Hours had gone by at this point, its almost midnight.
I've done this enough to know that its better to keep going.
Saturdays are made for sleeping in anyway!

flying chickens

Finally the pieces are finished enough.
Fortunately there's a 24hr mexican food place up the street,
and Luke had bought some "banquet beers".
I needed a little break!

simple seat hinge

2am, i'm feeling a little sloppy.
So after a couple tacks,
would it work?

battery box top

Just enough room to access the batteries or u-joint.
Hopefully won't have to use it too much,
but this is the stuff that pays off when the cars busted on the side of the road at night!

hinged butt grill

Now only need a couple rubber stoppers for the back part,
and then I can start on the floorboards.
After over a year off the road,
I can finally sit in it.

Until next time...


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