03 December 2010

stool time V

After a decent work week,
what better time for the fifth installment of stool time.

boxing hurtlocker frame

Finished boxing the hurtlocker truck frame.
Lotsa grinding and cutting with those oval slots.
Still nice to not have to imagine what it was going to look like!

elephant man firewall

Also finished about 95% of the welding and grinding on that damn firewall.
So crazy, I measured almost 32 feet of welding!

removable tranny x-member

Also finally finished the front lip on the transmission crossmember.
The outer part and the lip is the original chevy with a modified center piece.
Also took out that ugly sharp angle that was on the bottom outside of the back.

chief seat

After having overload on the hurtlocker truck,
I really needed to work on my own stuff,
so made a much needed seat for chief.


And like another hole in the head,
I've been picturing the next project,
a steel '27 roadster on an A frame, possibly with this v8-60.
Yeah, just what I need another distraction!

Back to work...


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