07 December 2010

tool - gloves

After scrounging around the shop today looking for my good set of welding gloves,
I was crackin up after finding what I'll show you in a minute.

Any "high risk" activity comes with its own set of tools and protective gear.
I'm going to call building stuff out of metal "high risk" since there's so many variables to injury.
As you get more confident though,  (or is it just lazy?)
its easy to strip down to the bare essentials and not use certain things.

I will rarely do dirty work without glasses/faceshield , ear protection and a mask/filter,
its just not worth it.
I've already got the high-pitched noise in my ears!

Anyway gloves are a hit or miss.
Sometimes its easy to get away with,
but man if I get little cuts and burns, it just slows me down.
Especially like this.


This happened earlier this year, march or april.
No gloves, the cutting disc just got pinched between 2 half inch plates,
and man that grinder zipped around so fast - I was even holding it with 2 hands!
I was just relieved that it missed any major tendons or vessels.
When something like this happens you feel like an idiot really.
Since the part I was working on was due the next morning.
Fortunately I was able to duct tape it all up and finish.

Since than I make it a point to use gloves as much as possible.
I guess its good to get spooked into being safe sometimes.

So this is what I started digging thru.

backup glove

These are driving gloves, but they are a good multi-use glove,
-welding, grinding, torching, cleaning - especially since they're so cheap.
Obviously this one is past its prime, but its a good backup...


This one is my current workhorse,
I can probably get a month or two out of it with some duct tape.


This is a real TIG glove,
but like the above gloves they are used for everything.
These are about 3 times the price of the driving gloves,
but the seams last alot longer and the leather doesn't get stiff.
Definitely not as good for picking up hot stuff.

(didn't have time to find my big MIG gloves,
but may edit them in later, they're pretty funny.)

Interestingly enough the right hand gloves are impossible to find.
Usually they're in better shape as its my trigger hand most of the time,
but they just disappear.

Unfortunately gloves are useless for stuff like this...


I'm trying to keep the nail whole to add it to my collection!
This was Luke's payback for the couple times I smashed his finger(s) or burned him.
I think we're about even, hopefully.

maybe its time to get a new pair.


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  1. Where the fuck have all the right hand gloves gone? There is at least twelve lefties floating about in this place. Never ever ever a right! Ever! They are always the least shrunk, least used, least found.