03 November 2014

Holdsworth Trap

The time change always signifies the real beginning of fall,
and with that the shift to winter hobbies.
Just cause it gets dark at 5:30 doesn't mean the fun stops!
Macey and I rallied up to the San Diego Veloswap,
unknowingly falling into the web.
Lucky to have a partner in crime.
The line was unusually long, 
and I figured this would help weed out the lucky finds.
It's easier to not know what deals are out there.
The velodrome seemed more packed then these picks show.
Maybe everyone was in line for the delicious kettle corn.
Business was brisk as there were some good deals.
We doubled back for a couple items only to find them gone.
I'm sure some will be seen on craigslist or eBay!
We went back to the van with barely $20 of goodies,
but an anchor was dragging me back.
I couldn't escape.
Exactly what I didn't need.
My intent was to get the guys number or email,
and all of a sudden the price lowered drastically,
and money was floating away,
in trade for a rusty pile of pipe.
You gotta admit for a moment it's kinda cool.
This is a 1948-1950 Holdsworth Cyclone,
made out of Reynolds 531 tubing,
and pre-nervex era lugs.
Handmade with a torch, file, and silver solder.
This is what got me interested in metalwork early on,
and may be recognized on Chief's windshield.
The kickers were the original numbered fork,
and basically dent free tubing.
I have been in this trap many times before.
The bare frame is the cheap part,
what adds up in time and money are all the components.
Really if I had enough dough,
we could have found all the parts to make a complete almost era bike.
Like these handlebars.
Such a trippy bend.
With a similar grinded lug pattern.
The trap...
See anything weird here?
No derailleur tab.
This was before the campagnolo-era standardization.
Yeah this'll be fun to find parts...
That back-stay tubing is a 1/2" to 5/16" taper!
In reality this shouldn't still exist.
So spindly.
Anyway maybe there'll be progress,
maybe there won't.
 Stay tuned...

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