18 November 2014

Rat Bauer - series finale

One thing that'll get me to typing is an exciting sequel,
in this case it's the series finale.
During one early morning blog entry,
I was visited by our old frenemy,
we had nicknamed him Rat Bauer.


As a baby he had escaped from a seemingly impossible situation.
I didn't have the cold heart to put him down,
and we've been paying the consequences ever since.
We've seen this a million times in movies,
instead of the quick kill,
characters would rather explain plans to their nemesis,
toying with their mind,
allowing time for escape.
He was cute...
Months later we'd wake up to a gnawing or scratching underneath the house.
After that he gained access inside the walls.
It was like clockwork before dawn,
as he expanded his real life habitrail.
I set up traps all over the place.
During a quiet couple weeks,
we figured he had been snagged by a cat,
or maybe a neighbors poison.
We all slept better.
Then one early evening the wife heard a rustling in the hot oven.
He scurried out from the back into an open zone.
We thought we had him cornered,
and like the great Jack Bauer of 24 fame,
he vanished.
I studied up,
and found that rats are very habitual,
using the same trails,
relying on a nest for security,
and living within a relatively small territory.
They don't like change.
Big traps were set up more strategically,
using junk to funnel him into the danger zone.
Well after a week of absence,
he came back in a weird place,
the boys room.
One night Jaxon thought he saw him,
and swore he ran into the closet.
Yeah right.
Way too many hiding spots in there to pursue.
A trap was set at the door.
A day passed...
Then 2am...snap!
A melancholy moment,
who is Batman without the Joker,
or the Coyote without the Roadrunner!?
A worthy opponent...
RIP Rat Bauer.

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