26 November 2014

Morning Brew

The other day the wife stated that it took 3 months to build a habit.
It got me to thinking,
which in this case didn't take much.
Less than 3 months ago 
I wrote about a percolator and a newfound interest in tea.
Remember it started with this Kings 403,
way to expensive to just drink away,
especially on a cup or three a day habit.
Since then I've gone hog wild,
experimenting with little packages of imported Chinese tea.
Neighbors are probably curious.
Jake said not to drive around with this stuff,
it looked like the bad teachers warned about.
You'd wonder how many variations could there be,
and so did I.
Bottom left-jasmine pearl
Top right-oolong/ginseng mix
Bottom right-no translation
Top left-Iron Goddess of Mercy-my #2
The other jars are different variations of oolong or green.
My #1 is this Red Robe oolong tea.
It's like the magic wake up leaf.
There's a decent caffeine bite to it.
That's why there's a #2,
I had to tone down on this blacker goodness.
Really together with oatmeal,
it's the excuse to get refined sugar into my body.
I've tried honey and agave,
beer or cane sugar wins.
I've ditched the percolator.
Actually it was shanghaied by my coffee-loving wife.
She loves it other than the repetitive cleaning.
No better way to make a real cup of coffee,
squeezing any java juice out of the bean the more it boils,
like a quadruple brew.
Her wake-up routine is picking grinds out of her braces.
I've gone the simple route.
A pinch of green and white,
boil some water and voila.
The water unfurls these huge tea leaves.
Yeah each little ball is one big leaf!
Which are too big to get stuck in my teeth.
Occasionally one will slip in,
and it's easy to chew it and spit it out.
Typical store bought tea bags are old overdried compost,
which need to be filtered by the paper.
Nighttime is good for this less caffeinated jasmine tea.
It's hard to stop drinking it,
but there's no daily jones like the morning brew.
More tools of the trade.
Together with those saucepans,
these are my go to cups.
Each one has it's own history.
Holey chit I am an addict.

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