05 November 2014

Hurtlocker Truck - part 239

While laying on my back,
I realized how close and how far 
the Hurtlocker is from road duty.
Little by little key pieces are taking shape.
Stainless brake lines are getting routed.
Patience is the key here.
It's like driving through traffic,
slow and steady,
rushing just causes accidents.
These brake parts are shipped like precious cargo.
Each fitting has it's own box and bag.
That's how they make a $2 part worth $12.
Thanks to tips and suggestions from
my Uncle Steve and Brandon,
no lines were done more than once!
We went through plenty of dish soap to get the windows in.
Success with the rope and soap method,
followed by the Sharpie bead install tool.
So glad this didn't crack.
The front windshield was a little easier.
Next up was covering all the metal work with insulation.
Trimmed glued and taped,
a lot of fitting for a precut kit.
These strips are sound dampeners,
absorbing the resonance on the sheetmetal.
Totally different then last year at this time.
I'll have to do a before and after post later on.
Can't believe I'm seeing carpet and upholstery swatches.
Ken's got some choices to make!

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