15 October 2010

mush I - tanks and popcorn

You know when you work til 3 in the morning,
and you wake up feeling like you're sludging through quicksand,
your head and hands are like mush.
Well that happens a couple times a week,
its how I get things done.

So fortunately last week was out at fry's,
and found the perfect bargain bin movie for $5 -The Game.
Perfect for a slow morning like this.

(Stupid trailer but all I could find.)
I like long movies if the rides good,
and this one is entertaining enough.
The reason why I'm posting this though is there was a trippy coincidence,
the dudes birthday happens to be October 12th,
so the movie takes place right about this time of year.
Hey, this is what happens to me when my brains on standby!
Anyway if you have 2 hours to kill its worth a rental.

At least now Chief's tank has baffles...

and a trick non-clogging fuel outlet...

Bummer to lose the old stickers though,
but Luke aka pigpen aka watertower wizard said he has some teak,
which is code for something good, I think.
This is what baffles and fuel funnels are for.

Shot taken by the Luke, the Watertower Wizard a while back.
I think he should be a photographer. Really.
Anyway thanks for checkin in.


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