19 October 2010

a.d.i.d.a.s. II & the sugarmomma coupe

I am planning on having a big party in my head in 4 days.
If all goes well,
this saturday this hunk of shit will leave the shop,
and the space will be free for an exciting new project.

What? How could a hemi-powered 30 coupe be a hunk of shit?
Just believe me, these links are a visual description.
This has been an ongoing project for close to 4 or 5 years,
and its not even mine.
Its been a 29 pickup, a 30 flathead coupe, and finally a 30 hemi coupe.
This coupe was a big lesson in learning to say no.
If any of you decide to try to do work for someone,
try not to blur the line between business and friendship.
Well blurring the line for a weekend or something is one thing,
but if you believe you are worth something try to not sell yourself short.
If you think you're a competent craftsman with decent skills,
and it takes a longer time for a pile of parts to be forced and coerced together,
than most likely thats how long its going to take anyone to do.
Getting reimbursed for this time is important,
as working in anger or frustration will make you crazy.
See how I am rambling?

On a lighter note,
my brother found this bitchin track suit that was the missing link to those shoes.
Holy shit.

If you see me wearing this,
than I -
a - won the lottery
b - am super high
c - playing poker with my newfound wealth
d - not going to be in the shop that day.

Have a great day!


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