14 October 2010

ancient history II - red dot II

If you ever want to see a grown man cry,
or at least get a little sad,
than buy me a beer, actually a couple beers and a bottle of good tequila,
and bring up good old "red dot II"
1928 roadster with custom hallock windshield

a 6 year collection, a 5 month build, 4 months of fun, 3 years of wtf was i thinking!

this video was from the last real paso show.
We - cough cough...towed...cough cough - the thing up there,
(hey it was a thrash to get it that far!)
and on the last night of the last day actually got it running, right before putting it on the trailer!

It was a fun weekend.
My brother Trevor hogged Chief (the RPU) the whole way up and back...
Luke lobbed a strangers human poo onto his than girlfriend, Holly...
We actually had a room at the posh hotel across the street with a pool...
Good times.
Red Dot II - 1928 ford roadster with hallock windshield

Anyway, if you have some time to kill here's the down low on the ho ho.
coupe pictures by perichbrothers - Photobucket
(But you might spoil the surprise of future AH posts...)


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