18 October 2010


This post was fueled by a friend PHILLY SCOTT,
once SUBURB SCOTT but now PHILLY SCOTT. (pretty not good blog),
who stated now that the RPU is gonna be clean..
"you are probably going to start wearing some fancy pants soon, too"

Well Scott, maybe not some fancy pants but for sure some fancy shoes!
My wife is gracious enough to search out my shoe fetish-
hey your lying to yourself if you don't think you have one!

These newbies have been waiting for, dang a year already.

My current walking shoes are the good old ROD LAVERS - circa 1970.
One thing about plastic shoes is they suck if you are a welder or grinder,
they just burn up with every little chispa that falls to the floor.
If you make the mistake and wear your walkin shoes to the shop,
There comes a time when you just have to let the shoe go as it slows work down
if you're concerned about burning them up.
Geez I shouldn't even say this but I actually made cardboard protectors one day when I forgot my boots!
(Half the reason was to stop those little arc sparks from burning through my foot skin though)

These are Stan Smiths - circa 1972,
my Dad wore these when I was growing up
(blame him for the randomness of this post!)
They're so over the top white when new, spiffy is a good word,
and the first mark is always right in the middle of the toe part.
They age well and are comfortable for a 40 year design,
these are probably 6 years old and are my water shoes now.
For work these are a great compromise since they are leather.
The only drawback being the plastic shoelaces which melt easily,
and being white of all colors.
The benefit of aged white shoes is people give you change and stuff when you're walking around.

Well that's the fluff post of the day...


Oh yeah,
you win the prize if you know the elementary school acronym ADIDAS stands for!


  1. All Day I Dream About Sex - that is if you're a Korn fan. Where's ma prize then?

  2. Ahh hell BCB i was a 70's elementary school kid!
    Close though.