16 October 2010

bike time II - the original china girl

The original china girl has to get the nod for the second bike time installment.
Its funny how a project can be the object of intense focus for a week or so,
than get relegated to the backyard,
acquiring a patina only the elements can give.

This thing started out as a bastard 1936ish shelby frame that I had failed to fix correctly.
Its hard to see but the whole bottom bracket/rear dropout is from a girls bike,
which had different tube angles.
Fortunately a friend - sophorn "sloppy" sin turned me on to those china girl bike engines,
and a perfect match was made, as the diagonal tube would need to be replaced anyway.
The time sucker was that dang tank.
It was one of those great ideas that had no end.
I'll know what to expect next time.
If you want to see other progress pics, check here-
There were lots of other little tricks that I had forgotten about until seeing those pics!

Even though I had other large projects to do, like the RPU,
sometimes its fun just to do something quick and dirty,
just to get that (not quite) immediate satisfaction that only a short-term project can do.
It also gave me the idea to build a real motorcycle, someday.

Unfortunately I busted the chain,
and am too lazy and cheap to go out and find one.
It's still a great cruiser to run to the store in at least...


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