08 October 2010

craigslist hunter - beemer

So a couple weeks ago we upgraded phones.
They make it cheaper to get the fancy phones than to get the normal phones.
Now its too easy to get online,
don't even have to get out of bed to hunt craigslist.

So this thing came up over the past weekend.
It had only been posted for 20 minutes before I texted him,
guy (vincent) actually put his phone # on there.

It was too cheap and nearby to not check out,
and it was too nice for the price,
especially for a '68 which is the earlier round tailight style.
Its a solid body with alot of minor issues.
It even has the larger 2000cc engine. (its actually a 1602 body)
Although it looks like a tweeker car,
it was actually a kids car, which is almost the same,
just a kid will buy stuff just not know how to put it on right!

The plan is to fix it up a little and make it a reliable driver for the wife,
as her new job is only 2 miles away.
Hopefully I can have a some fun with it in the meantime!


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