16 August 2016

Inoxidable iv - shiny ugly

This little project was tough,
taking expensive stainless hinges,
and cosmetically ruining them.
Someone had used chromed hinges,
then welded extension plates.
Over time rust bled out through the white paint.
It was important to recreate 
the exact messed up angles,
unequal positioning and random holes,
otherwise the alignment would be off.
It takes longer to copy a bad design!
This was a rare occurrence 
as the eBay seller let me down.
Locally the donor hinges were going to be $400!
I found an ebay listing for less than $100/pr,
but the 3rd party drop shipper only sent one.
After a week of no replies a third was found for this project, 
and of course 3+ weeks later the original order was sent.
So if anyone needs one shiny hinge...
Anyway the end result looks sharp.
Most of the hinge is covered up.
Fun stuff...

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