05 August 2016

Inoxidable III - crackola

Here's a quick can of worms,
that didn't end up being that quick.
Although stainless,
this piece had some obvious weld pitting.
A little grinding uncovered 
some serious rust penetration,
water had wicked behind the weld seam.
One reason to not grind a weld down too far,
even if it makes it prettier.
It was kinda obvious this was toast,
but the owner wanted to try re-welding.
The stainless had weakened so badly,
the heat literally ruptured the plate.
Not a good sign.
Time for a new one,
cut out of fat 316 1/2" plate.
The form followed the original template,
but instead of a weak fillet weld,
a slot was cut like a Japanese joint.
Fat stick welding melted everything together,
not the prettiest but dang strong.
Yes this was all cut with a grinder...
Much faster than you'd think.
Also buffed out with the grinder.
Who needs anything else!?
That weld overlap bugged me,
a full 308 stick only made it 2/3 the way.
Not like ya can see it when installed!
A relief when a bolt-on is a real bolt-on.
That little piece basically holds up 
the mast and bow sprit.
No big deal...

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