01 August 2016

Holey Chit #11

This was a cool fixit project...
A local church had this old sheetmetal cross,
the base had rotted out.
It was a funny deal,
as I'd done other stuff for the same church,
but this was passed from the church to the roofer to a friend to me...
Typical patch panel chit.
No problem...
These clamps have fixed a lot projects.
The cross was probably a few storms away 
from being blown over!
And this thing Is way up there!
Glad I didn't have to help install...
 I think there was 16' of welding all together!
The cross design was really cool.
Everyone who saw this thing wanted it!
After some bondo work,
it was off for painting.
They installed it the day after he dropped it off.
No cranes or heavy equipment,
just a couple roofers lugging it up there.
Woulda been fun to watch.
Now everyone knows it's a church again!
Thanks for the hookup Steve!

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