02 September 2016

Family Time - railing edition

The boys helped out with this monstrosity.
We will always look at railings with a greater appreciation!
Jaxon found out what a 10 hour thrash is really like!
The design was easy as it was replicating the same pattern 
from an existing rail at the owners other house.
The tricky part is morphing it to fit a different size step.
There's a little bit of logic and a little bit of magic
figuring out the build path.
This really should have taken 2 fat days,
but amazingly we welded it that first day.
Jaxon cut, drilled, measured, cleaned...
Lucky to have him.
The next day Jakob helped for the final paint and install.
Bummer no pics,
but he dug the holes and mixed the concrete.
Great time hanging out with them,
but I hope they don't do this for a living!
Good times... 
Thanks Chip for the hook up!

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