02 August 2016


Typically you'll see something like this on the curb,
or the free section of craigslist...
this was the bonus for Mike's Ranfla!
It looks rough,
the epitome of holey chit,
but there's a neat crank raising mechanism,
and it's better than the one we don't have!
It took about a half hour to weld up the bottom,
give it a good cleaning.
Mike had this custom made like 20 years ago,
and he's known as a master griller...
The BBQ has been dragged 
to multiple Big 3 swaps and parks.
His trick is using oak firewood coals.
This came with the package.
Let's do this!
This took a while to burn,
but part of the fun is having a fire in the backyard,
smokin out the neighbors...
Next time we'll use more wood...
Macey was having a blast making coals.
Personally I don't even need my steak cooked,
but kids will eat it pink!
Anyway simple things are fun sometimes...

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