14 July 2016

Mike's Ranfla - 1936 dodge pickup

Here's the typical snowballing project.
Mike dropped his 1936 dodge off
to fix a couple broken welds,
and sync up the carburetors.
As soon as the engine was all tuned up,
he found a Sharp intake for his flathead 6.
This rare piece would match his Sharp head.
 He completed the set with a matching fuel block.
Jason and his dad Mickey were amazed,
as this was made by their grand/dad.
The previous intake was a hi-rise Edmunds,
and the linkage needed to be modified.
That was fun...
The deteriorating vinyl fuel hose was replaced
with steel lines painted a copper patina.
Looks easy but this was a tricky layout,
I should've cleaned up the wiring too...
Instead he wanted to do a more drastic change,
and rough up the green paint for a mild patina.
How could I pass this up!?
The kids helped a bit,
but wow there was a lot of square feet.
The body was a bit rough,
this was an old work truck,
so sanding high spots uncovered the red primer.
Other parts like the headlights and hood weren't green,
so those were rattlecanned to match.
There was a point where we had to call it good,
and let Mike finish up some pesky details.
He liked it so much 
he gave us his custom BBQ.
Way cooler than this pic shows!
More in that later...
The best part was when he sent updated pics,
and they weren't of him stuck on a tow truck.
I had showed him some fake patina tricks,
and he powered them out the next day,
just in time for a July 4th cruise.
Good times...
Thanks Mike and Sophie!

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