30 May 2016

shop life 9 - tractor pull

You're reading about our new/old tractor,
going WTH this guy with these toys...
We'll if it doesn't serve a purpose,
chit doesn't stick around long!
Last week we put her to use...
Any open space at the shop,
will become a catch-all for random junk.
Kinda like a coral reef growing on a sunk boat.
It's one part heavy and one part lazy...
This chit was sposta be here temporarily.
It just grows and grows til it's daunting,
becoming an invisible part of the landscape.
That's where team Perich comes in.
These kids are workhorses,
evolved over years of training.
Sure there are carrots involved.
Jaxon had a date night,
Jakob wanted video game time.
Chits not free can't teach em that!
The trick is make it seem like fun.
The tractor was that trick.
We pulled thousands of pounds with that gem.
Jake hogged up driving duties,
Jax and I were tire traction weight,
important on the crumbly rocks.
Any normal humans would've stopped here.
Not us...
In 6-7 hours we knocked out -1000 bricks!
I didn't realize we had so many still.
Not the flattest lay as this is the rain drain spot.
At least a jack can roll around.
Of course now this is considered a premium spot,
which has a history of being traded for a cluttered spot.
Already filled with the good chit...


  1. Get that Jeep slide over and start tearing into it.

    1. For months that thing sat, the guy wanted 2-3k, then right before he moved he let it go for under a thousand. Makes my stomach ache. The engne purrs... Grrr .... TP