20 May 2016

Chief gets brakes...

About a month ago 
I got invited to this roadster run.
Not me really the old hot rod...
I'll admit it's not up to mechanical par,
the brakes were a bit suspect,
especially for a mountainous trek.
So the night before I get to fixing it...
Break out the little bulb!
I'd actually started fixing it in the daytime,
and spent way too long 
searching for my special hub puller.
A fruitless search,
plan B was to scrap up a custom job.
I've never used this puller as it was,
and now that it's customized,
I'm sure I'll soon need it in it's original configuration.
The puller worked perfectly,
on the drivers side...POP!
The slave cylinder was definitely crusty,
probably hadn't worked properly in a couple years...
The passenger side was a no go,
and that was the actual problem area...
I tried mapp gas heat, 
driving around with a loose axle nut...
Well I ended up missing the reliability run...
The sticky rear brake was a carry over problem
even before the great teardown of 2012.
I'll blame it on a salty drive at Pismo Beach,
waaay back in 2007 actually.
Salt tears up a car...TROGers will see!
So this weekend was a car show up in LA.
Figured I'd not procrastinate this time.
Took it to the shop,
and POP! all it needed was some real heat,
even if only for 15 seconds.
All this time I thought '40 juice brakes
were a little weak,
when it was running basically on fronts only!
I ended up missing the LA show,
but now ole Chief is a solid runner,
and every day is a car show in a daily driver.
Finally found the old puller too...
An example of 20 year old fab skills.

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