06 June 2016


Nothing's worse than having a car,
especially if it's a hot rod,
that can't be driven.
After a 6 month slumber,
the old 40 could barely get out of its way.
The 302 lookin 5.0 was smokin,
the AOD transmission was slippin...
That 170k drivetrain was tired even in the lincoln.
Now it was time to sit back,
and watch the boys tear it up.
How far will we go only time will tell.
Ok and money!
While the engine may not get rebuilt
this time around,
there will be some changes.
The Lincoln Log exhaust will be swapped
for some scrounged headers,
possibly squeezing out some HP.
I really wanted to build crazy fenderwell headers,
but these fit perfectly with no mods.
The biggest change will be this puppy,
a Ford  WC T-5 transmission (5-spd overdrive)
with a S-10 tail shaft,
which puts the shifter in front of the seat.
A trick unit.
Thanks Jason!
Good thing the clutch pedal is still in there.
More later...

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