03 May 2016

Hit and Missed Deals

Ok... time to clear the phone 
of missed craigslist deals!

Any longtime reader will know my brick infatuation...
This was a score of scores,
2000 clean ready to lay bricks!
At 2 hrs up this should have been vamoosh,
however a couple days later,
the realtor sent an email with the owner contact info.
Of course it got sent to my junk mail.
Dang it that would've been a haul!

Here's a mystery load...
20 tons of supposedly the cool early bricks.
This was back in winter,
it was raining and I was tied up.
Never even drove by...
Shoulda woulda coulda...

Changing the pace,
here's a neato bike project.
Gone within 13 minutes! 
San Diego is cutthroat like that...
Did I really need a motor-less motorcycle?
Probably best to miss this one!

But wow what about harley parts?!
That'd be a good distraction...
Pretty sure this was a spam ad.

Here's an old beast.
Freebie stoves pop up often.
Certain brands are worth more than others,
and it seems like there's a business
parting them out.
An unneeded distraction...

Now this would have been kinda cool.
Fleetside not stepside but freeside!
Gone within the hour...

This little boat may have been perfect 
for that 75hp outboard I've stashed.
I'll never know... gone in 40 minutes!

This boat was a wild card.
Kid didn't know much about it.
Could have been an easy "just add battery",
or a nightmare "sunk in saltwater" salvage.
I was the second guy and bye bye...
I almost fell for this one.
The $500 could have been traded 
for grease monkey hours.
Problem was the van brakes are marginal,
and that wouldn't have been fun!
Probably made a car hauler out of it.
The neighbors would have loved this in front!

I could have got this outboard.
Do we need two back up engines?

Now this one may have been cool.
The Lido is a perfect family boat
to teach the kids to sail with.
Oh well...

Here's a change of pace,
an actual score!

I'll drop everything for old hot rod parts,
especially rusty heavy yard art,
sold by someone with an encrypted phone #.

1936 rear wishbones and front axle,
maybe an exhaust driveshaft inside...
Thankfully had Sloppy's pickup for this.
Much easier than the van.
Check this 35/36 to 37/38 hub adapter.
Only need 3 more for the set!

This one was a trajectory changer.
I missed it but my ADD kicked in.
The search was on for a shop mule.

I ended up finding this one,
which you'll know way too much about 
in the next couple days...
Happy Hunting!

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